Ellen BournEllen Bourn is an incomparable Psychic, Master Astrologer, Medium, Medical Intuitive, and Healer. A third-generation intuitive, she discovered her psychic abilities while still a child. She had the good fortune of growing up in a family that recognized and nurtured her gifts, allowing them to flourish. As a young adult, Ellen began to study, and later teach Astrology. As she deepened her own understanding of the undeniable connection between Body, Mind, and Spirit, she incorporated the teachings of several systems of esoteric knowledge.

Having chosen a Nursing career, with a specialty in behavioral health counseling, Ellen Bourn has worked for many years in the traditional health-care system. Through these experiences she developed the unique ability to mend the psyche through both psychic and psychiatric means, bringing an added dimension to her work as an advisor and healer and confidante. Ellen’s range of skills has brought her clients from all walks of life and varied professions from around the world. These experiences have cultivated a rich and diverse perspective to her readings and spiritual guidance.

Ellen Bourn regularly lectures and conducts workshops in the U.S. and Canada from her Buffalo, NY location. She is a Life Member of the Lily Dale Assembly, the internationally-renowned Spiritualist Community in Western New York State. Her busy practice also includes private consultations and personalized weekly classes focusing on a variety of metaphysical topics.

“I believe that my purpose in this lifetime is to plant the seeds of knowledge and Divine Light in as many people as I can possibly reach. When you plant a seed… of insight, of understanding, of possibility, … it’s natural instinct is to grow. Through my work I am able to plant many, many seeds. My workshops, classes and personal consultations give people the power to take control of their lives and create their own inner peace and happiness.” Rev. Ellen also offers Tarot card Readings and Development Classes in Buffalo.

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