Karma, Destiny and Astrology

Friday, August 28, 2015
@ 7:00PM


Spirit Art Gallery

#60 Route 60, (Main St)

Cassadaga NY

The philosophy of Astrology teaches us that by understanding our own personal relationship to the Soul’s Energy and exercising free will on the earth plane, our Karma is revealed to us. The birth signs and their aspects identify your personality, psychology and behavior patterns.


Insights into your Destiny are also shown in their horoscope. A deeper look into these patterns will help us to dissolve the old Karmatic ties that bind us. Upcoming transits will indicate how and when these lessons challenge us again. A meditation circle to burn off the Karmatic energies you release will also be offered as a closing exercise.


This is a class designed for beginner and intermediate students of Astrology. If you need your natal horoscope charted, please send the following information to Rev. Ellen at ellenbourn@roadrunner.com :

  • Name (last & first);

  • date of birth including year;

  • city/country of birth;

  • time of birth if known. If you do not know the time, please send the rest of the information.

Chart will be $5.00 each in addition to the cost of the class. 


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