Pet Healing & Pet Communication

"What does your Pet want You to know?"


Saturday, September 19th 10:00AM-1:00PM & Saturday, October 10th, 10:00AM-1:00PM

Two session Class

Investment: $49.00 Includes both classes and an Aura photograph of your pet. 

@ Dragonfly Holistic Spa 8290 Main St Williamsville, NY 14221

Learn more about the Energy Fields surrounding your fuzzy ball of Love. Your furry loved ones have Auras and Vibrations just like you do. Your purring cat or cuddly pup can heal your Vibration, and you can heal theirs too. Learn how with Rev. Ellen Bourn, Rev. Joan Bellus and Rev. Sarah Jane. You will receive a photo of you and your pet using our special Aura Camera.

On Saturday, 9/19, we will learn how to feel Auras and understand how you and your pet have telepathy with each other. Different colors in the Aura can be interpreted. 

Have you ever imagined that you and your pet can communicate? This is not your imagination. This class will demonstrate to you how this really works.

You will find out: Why do pets prefer some people over others? Can you speak Cat, Dog or Horse? Do pets pick up on our feelings and illnesses? Can you hurt a pet's feelings with words?

On Saturday, 10/10, you will have the opportunity to schedule a personal appointment with Rev. Sarah Jane to have you and your pet's Aura Photo taken. Rev. Joan and Rev. Ellen will be available to assist you in interpreting the meaning of your special photograph. Understand more about how your Pet's Soul and yours intertwine with Spiritual Energies.  



Actual Pet Aura Photo