Synchronicity and Mediumship

Synchronicity and Mediumship

Friday, December 11, 2015


C.G. Jung Center

408 Franklin St. 

Buffalo, NY 

It is well known, that Jung was interested in the Paranormal. His early childhood and adolescence provided a milieu conducive to such experiences. Jung's paternal grandmother was considered a Clairvoyant, his mother kept a diary of "strange occurrences." His cousin was a Medium who conducted Séances. Indeed, Jung's doctoral dissertation, "On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena" was formed as a result of his observations of Mediumship and Spirit Communication.

Jung's theory of Synchronicity is an important aspect of his psychology, and paranormal experiences played a role in the development of that theory. The Center for Psychoanalytic Studies website states that Jung's paranormal experiences and the resulting need to adequately understand them were a significant factor on the development of his theory of Synchronicity. 

Rev. Ellen Bourn, RN. Homeopath, and former President of the Lily Dale Assembly is also a Medium and Psychic. Rev. Ellen will discuss and share her relationship with Synchronicity, and how it has influenced her own career path. She understands Synchronistic happenings as the mechanism that frequently moves her clients to higher levels of Inner and Spiritual understanding. A brief demonstration of Mediumship will also be included following the lecture as well as a "Q&A"
There will be a wine and cheese reception following the presentation.

Tickets will be sold at the door, $10 for non members, $8 for members. 

Rev. Ellen Bourn BA began her career as a Behavioral Health R.N. She later served her community as a Spiritual Counselor, Homeopath, Medium and Master Astrologer. Ellen has served as the President of the Lily Dale Assembly. She continues to offer classes, workshops and church services in the WNY and the Niagara Peninsula. Her unique practice and unmatched talent has brought her clients ranging from business executives to professional sports teams, and individuals both locally and internationally.