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Manifest Your Best

As we walk the path of our Destiny, we encounter many things, both pleasant and painful. It is important to remember at times that all of our experiences are designed to teach us how to grow into the next stage of our lives. 


During times of loss, or confusion it can be harder to decipher the meanings behind the people  and situations we encounter, and to know what our next step should be. 


You are not alone. 


Here, you will find Love, Light and Guidance with Rev. Ellen. Whether you are beginning a new chapter in your life, or coming to terms with an ending, your Spirit Guides are always with you, and waiting for the opportunity to Speak to You.


If this message resonates with you, or if you would simply like to learn more, click on any of the photo links below, or contact Rev. Ellen at 716-874-1499, or Please include your phone number in the email. 



Psychic Readings, Classes and Events:

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Private Readings

Private Readings

Private Classes & Workshops

Private Classes & Workshops

Public Events

Public Events

What is Mediumship?

The Practice of Mediumship is, at its most basic, the use of the Sixth Sense that we are all born with. Mediums exist to help us answer Humanity's greatest questions: What is our Soul's Purpose? What happens after we die? 


Rev. Ellen has a lifetime of experience to help you find answers to these questions and more. She also offers classes and workshops to help you develop your own Gifts. 


Learning about your own gifts is an important step to understanding them. Classes are offered for beginner, intermediate and experienced levels.

Public Events

Ellen offers many public events, including Gallery Readings, Victorian Teas, and her own Spiritualist Style Worship Service. Check out the full list, or subscribe to our monthly Newsletter

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