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“I believe that my purpose in this lifetime is to plant the seeds of Divine Light in as many people as I can possibly reach. When you plant a seed… of insight, of understanding, of possibility, … its natural instinct is to grow. Through my Work I am able to plant many, many seeds. My workshops, classes and personal consultations give people the power to take control of their lives and create their own Inner Peace and Happiness.” 

Psychic Ellen Bourn

About Rev. Ellen Bourn


Rev. Ellen Bourn is world-renowned for her incomparable accuracy in her Work with Spirit. Having discovered her Gifts as a child, Ellen has spent her lifetime practicing and honing these talents to better serve her clients. She began her career as an R.N., practicing her Medical Intuition, then later served her community as a Reverend, Medium and Master Astrologer. Her unique practice and unmatched talent has brought her clients ranging from business executives to professional sports teams.



As the former President of the Lily Dale Assembly, Rev. Ellen has dedicated her life to bringing the Love and Light of the Spiritualist Community to people everywhere. She serves clients both locally in the Western New York area and internationally. By offering Classes, Workshops and Church Services outside of Lily Dale, she has been able to touch the lives of many who may not have experienced Spiritualism otherwise. 



Since beginning her Work in the Spirit World, Rev. Ellen has expanded her practice to Mediumship and Astrology. She is also a Reiki Master and Homeopath. She has added these services to her practice to better provide Healing and Balance to those who consult with her in person, via telephone, or Zoom. 


If you are interested in meeting Rev. Ellen for a Reading, Consultation or attending one of her Classes to learn to develop your Psychic Gifts, in Mediumship, Tarot or Meditation/ Healing, you can send her an email by using the form below:

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