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Lily Dale: The Mysteries of Spirit Tour


Saturday, June 22nd, 2024
8:00am - 5:00pm
Tickets: $79.00
*Early Bird price through May 15th*

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*ATTENTION - tickets are SOLD OUT!*

Your tour includes:

  • Free Admission and Parking @ Lily Dale Assembly

  • Gourmet Picnic Lunch Buffet

  • Rev. Ellen Bourn: Recognized Medium, Psychic and former President of the Lily Dale Assembly as your Tour Guide

  • Rev. Joan Bellus: Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritualist Worship Leader, Tour Guide

The Lily Dale Assembly, a small Victorian Community of Spiritualists, opens their gates to the Public during the summertime months. The official definition of a Spiritualist, according to the Lily Dale Assembly is: “One who believes, as the basis of his or her religion, in the continuity of life and in Individual responsibility.” If you are interested in the Unknown Mysteries of our Universe this is a great vacation getaway. Even for skeptics who do not believe in Healing or Mediumship, go check this place out for yourself. You will surely be amazed.



8:30 AM – Arrival:  Meet at Leolyn Hotel

9:00 AM - Maplewood Hotel Lobby: View Spirit Paintings and Spirit Tapestry

9:15 AM – Native American Medicine Wheel: Message from the Great Spirit

9:30 AM – Lily Dale Beach: Elemental Meditation, Revs. Ellen Bourn and Joan Bellus

10:15 AM – Fairy Trail: Connie Dutcher, Creator/Curator of the Fairy Trail

10:30 AM - Lily Dale Museum:  Tour by Ron Nagy, Lily Dale Museum Curator

11:15 AM – Healing Temple

11:15 AM – Lily Dale Labyrinth Walk

11:30 AM -12:30 PM- Catered Lunch provided at the Leolyn Hotel

12:30 PM - Inspiration Stump Message Service:  It is suggested that one wears something colorful and vibrant to Message Services as Spirit is attracted to beautiful colors.

2:15 PM – Butterfly Garden: Connie Dutcher, Creator/Curator of the Butterfly Garden

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM - @ the Auditorium: Inspirational Speaker TBA

3:30PM- 4PM- Lily Dale at Your Leisure. You may choose to visit: The Marion H. Skidmore Library, or shopping at the Crystal Cove, Bob’s Bargain Shop, Once Upon a Thursday, or the Lily Dale Bookstore. You may also want to schedule a Private Reading with one of the Registered Mediums in Lily Dale during this time. 

4:00 PM – Forest Temple Message Service

All events are participation-optional. Should you choose to break away from this schedule you can rejoin us at any time by referring to the map included in the Lily Dale Summer Brochure. Missed portions of the tour cannot be “made up” for, and will not be refunded. This includes Lunch.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes since some of the streets and paths in Lily Dale are uneven.  

For those of you who would like to include a private reading as part of your tour, we suggest you set this up ahead of time, as most Registered Mediums will have a full calendar. To identify the choices of Registered Mediums we suggest you go to:, click on the listing for all the Registered Mediums and their telephone numbers.   It is best to schedule your reading after 2:30 pm if possible. This way you will be participating in the greater portion of the tour.


Most readings in Lily Dale are generally 30 minutes in length.  Prices vary greatly and are set by the individual Mediums.  A more costly session does not necessarily ensure that the reading will be of higher quality. We are unable to offer you any suggestions as to whom to make appointments with.  Please use your Inner Guidance when making your selection.

There is an ATM in the Maplewood Hotel  lobby.  Most of the shops accept credit cards.  Many of the Mediums accept cash only. Please plan accordingly.


Visit Lily Dale Assembly website:   


We will meet at the beautiful Leolyn Hotel, just outside the gates of the Lily Dale Assembly. Our first stop will be to view Spirit Paintings and Tapestries in the Maplewood Hotel Lobby, located in the heart of Lily Dale. Rich in history, it proudly reflects the antiquity of its 1880 beginnings and has continually served its guests. 

Rev. Joan will guide us at the Native American Medicine Wheel. You will receive an Ancient Wisdom Message from the Great Spirit. A brief meditation will link you to these energies and provide you with your own personal message. 

We will then proceed to the Lily Dale beach, where an Elemental Solar Meditation will take place. Your understanding of the Invisible World will be felt in this special spot. 

At the Fairy Trail, you will find Nature Spirits on the sacred grounds.  The Old Growth Forest is an ideal location where the Lily Dale fairies reside. 

Your day also includes a guided tour of the Lily Dale Museum with Curator Ron Nagy. Experience a walk back in time amid photos, artifacts, and memorabilia from the first days of the Spiritualist movement and the founding of Lily Dale. 

The Lily Dale Healing Temple will also be open for Meditation. The Healing Temple was opened in 1955. It has remained a place of Peace for all those who come to renew their energies. Individual Healings will not be offered due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

We will then visit the Labyrinth, where you can ground and open yourself to an answer from Spirit.

At mid-day, you’ll return to the Picnic Shelter to enjoy a gourmet outdoor lunch buffet.

At the end of a quiet Forest Trail in the Leolyn Woods, in a grove surrounded by magnificent old trees is the “Inspiration Stump.” This is the site of some of the most profound Spiritual Energy in all of Lily Dale. It is not unusual for visitors to the Stump to experience a strong sense of heightened awareness and profound peace. Services are held twice a day during which Registered Mediums, Visiting Mediums and Student Mediums pass short messages from Spirit to members of the audience. These services have been held at Inspiration Stump since 1898. 

We will also attend another Message Service at the Forest Temple, which is dedicated to Mothers welcoming arms. 

You will experience The Lily Dale Auditorium, built in 1883. It is the historical center of Lily Dale and has been the scene of many remarkable events. Visit the Auditorium to experience an Inspirational Speaker and Clairvoyant. You may also want to visit the Marion H. Skidmore Memorial Library. Shopping sites include: The Crystal Cove, Bob’s Bargain Shop, Once Upon a Thursday, the Lily Dale Bookstore, and Souvenir Shop.



Payment and Cancellation Policies:

Deadline to register is Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Questions and comments can be directed to:

There will be no paper tickets issued. Your name will be on our list. When you arrive in Lily Dale, you will be greeted by one of our staff, who will give you a wristband to indicate you are part of this tour.

Tickets are transferrable if you cannot attend - no refunds will be given, thank you.

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